Being an exit node for Tribler


It seems Tribler is slowing down because no one is volunteering to be an exit node.
You do not have to be an exit node 100% of the time.
I volunteer twice a week for 5 to 10 hours each time.
I use a inexpensive VPN to hide my REAL IP.

If you wonder about VPNs, here is a website for more information; especially on VPNs that abide by a code of anonomity.
I use one of them.

If you want to take a real risk ( I would not) [but for cheaper VPNs]; go to
I do not know if this site is still in business but there are some VPNs that sell at deep discounts and a few of them promote P2P.

DO NOT USE servers in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, China (Hong Kong is ok).

So lets SPEED UP Tribler.


Hi i have a suggestion. If i alow to use a exit node for Tribler my network is heavy loaded and become very slow.

My suggestion create a setting for the desired bandwidth that a user want to give.

That is very common with torrent programs.

Now a lot of people put it off.


I have unlimited set for both. Also, I have seeding set at unlimited.
Two months ago, I was averaging 150 KBS for downloading and 120 KBs for uploading.
The last 30 days, the average D/L is 40 KBs and average U/L is 22 KBs.
This is when I was not an exit node.
As an exit node, I had 2 speeds for D/L and U/L.

  1. Tribler D/L showed average 25 KBs but server showed average of 200 KBs for D/L.
  2. Tribler U/L showed average 15KBs but the server showed average of 130 KBs for U/L.

As an exit node, more traffic went through my server but my Tribler speeds were lowered.
Tribler speeds are shown in the lower right hand corner.

Your network becomes heavy. WOW!!!
I live in the inner city and the speeds I pay for are not the best.
I do more on my computer than just P2P.

Sure I will take you advice and cut my P2P speeds and wonder what type of speeds I will have after that.
Then take you advice again, I stop being a exit node to bring my P2P speed up.


I have a 4GLTE network with. if i use the exit node for Tribler than my network become very slow.

English is not my own language, I do my best to minimize grammatical mistakes.



I have DSL. I am barely guaranteed 85% of the 6 Mb/s for D/L and 85% of 1Mb/s for U/L.