Auto-create torrents from all files and start sharing


First of all - great idea with this project.
Have started using it and have one question:
I am making some projects during studies which I would like to share with friends of mine.
Got 40 zip files in one directory - how to automatically create torrents for all of them and start sharing with Tribler?


Hello @how

Welcome to Tribler.
In the case you mentioned, you could create a single torrent out of it (top right + button) and select the directory containing all the zip files and share the infohash or magnet link to your friends. At the moment, we don’t have automatic option to create torrents out of directory but that might not be necessary.

Besides, checkout channels. You can create channel and add torrents and share them with your friends. All the contents of the channel will be auto synced if your friends subscribe to your channel. If you have problems, let us know.