Antivirus notyfication on Tribler (7.3.0)

I just upgraded to 7.3.0. After few minutes I got two notyfication from my antivirus (avast) about closing the connection to “evil” URL. What is more I can’t see any peers or seeders (don’t know if those two cases are connected).
I’m adding an example of the notification i got.

@Borgall This is a tracker check request for a torrent to fetch information about its health (seeders/leechers) info. In this reported case, the tracker URL seems like a blacklisted one. We don’t control or enforce what trackers are added in the torrents so it is possible that there could be blacklisted tracker URLs. However, we do a proper check of the tracker URL structure and the response received. Any unexpected response is dropped so it should be relatively safe.

Thanks for the information. I was a bit surprised to se tribler trying to open a website (I’m not an expert in torrent details). Anyway- can I just ignore the popup or can it prevent tribler from downloading?

@Borgall I suggest you let your antivirus do its job of blocking the requests that are associated with badly reputed tracker URLs. There is always a DHT tracker fallback so Tribler should work without it as well.

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