Antivirus blocking a proxy IP address maybe?


Hi, new user here.

I am new to the program but all seems to work well for the most part, as I’ve already tested it out.

Only thing I seem to be having an issue with is seeding a torrent I’ve already fully downloaded. There are 80 peers for the file, but I seem to be rarely able to connect to a few and the connection doesn’t seem to last long. I’ve had the program on all last night and all of today, and I have seeded 0.013 of the 7.7 gb torrent I have downloaded, which according to GB to bytes conversion is 0.1 gb (or 100 mb). In contrast, I downladed the 7.7 gb torrent in less than a few hours.

So I was wondering why I am seeming to not be able to seed past the bare minimum with plenty of leechers available, and after closing and reopening Tribler a few times, I noticed I was getting a notification from my anticirus (Malwarebytes’ real time protection) that it was blocking a ‘website’ and it was tied to tribler.exe.

So I was given the option to exclude an IP address, which I then searched in IP address lookup sites online, and it came back to an IP address from Holland (I’m in the U.S.) listed by the website I used to track it as:

Services: Network sharing device or proxy server
Assignment: Likely Static IP

It’s also listed on that site as being blacklisted by 4 out of about 70 IP blacklisting sites.

From the info above, this makes me assume that the IP address being blocked is a proxy server that is letting me communicate with most of the leechers. Do you think this is correct, or is it something else?

I have excluded the IP address in the past hour in Malwarebytes, and it now seems I’m getting a consistent sharing to 3-6 leechers, and while the seeding is still very low (ranging from about 7 kb to 40 kb / sec.), it seems a big improvement from when I would check the traffic in the past night/day, where often it was at 0 bytes transferred connected to 0 leechers.

This could be just due to the time of day, though (the past hour has been 6 pm Pacific U.S. time, 7 pm mountain U.S. time, 9 pm Eastern U.S. time, which I understand the most internet traffic occurs due to the popularity of internet worldwide being from the U.S.) , so I’m not sure if excluding the IP address that Malwarebytes blocked was a useful or dangerous idea, considering the IP address is blacklisted in places.

Anyone have any info that could help me out? Am I maybe overthinking what are somewhat typical seeding rates? I used to use bittorrent a lot but that was years ago, before I started getting the cease and desist notices from my IP.