Anonymous Activity


Not sure if this is a bug or not. All my anonimity settings are bumped up and tracking scrape activity is coming clear text from the application. The site is currently reporting:

d14:failure reason28:Tracker Disabled: cinemaz.toe

This was the specific request (sanitized) from Tribler’s latest version:

Normally I do not observe any of this behavior but maybe I was not paying as close attention before. I do spend alot of time inspecting routers, IDS/IPS, proxy systems as well as testing them. Maybe someone can shed some light on this?


Tribler automatically fetches health of torrents (scrapes) in the background. This allows us to provide the torrent health to display in the user interface. However, this is often failing since many historical HTTP/UDP trackers are offline now. Note that these requests are not anonymous.

You can disable the torrent checker in the settings file of Tribler (libtribler.conf). Simply set enabled = False under the torrent_checking section. Hope this helps!