Android Application


could we see an android version of tribler ?


I think some time ago we did something like that… It is definitely doable, but it is definitely not a priority now. As it is, Tribler is a bad fit for Android for several reasons:

  • Tribler is written in Python, which has no good support for Android;
  • Python is a very inefficient and resource-hungry language, which is a bad fit for mobile apps, which must be lightweight and battery-aware;
  • Tribler GUI is written in QT, which is impossible to port to Android. To work on Android, the GUI would have to be redone completely in another library (e.g. QML);
  • Tribler moves lots of network traffic in the background and requires constant network connectivity, which will drain the mobile traffic limit and battery quickly
  • Mobile phones have little disk space, while downloading and sharing torrents requires lots of disk space

Having said all that, we are producing an experimental app that uses our IPv8 library to interface with some elements of Tribler network. You can trace its progress here


You might want to try Cython. Keep most of the code in python, but rewrite the most intensive parts in C for large boost in performance, then, convert everything to C and then compile with GCC or LLVM.


Thanks for the hint, we already discussed Cython before. There were even plans to rewrite the Tunnels endpoint in Rust or Go. Unfortunately, this will require some major DevOps-related changes too. We got no resources for that kind of thing right now and in the foreseeable future.


But why would you want Tribler on a smartphone? What’s your use case?


Torrenting, but not on cellular.


That is not typical usage. Typically, people install Tribler on their media center, then share the torrents folder through something like MiniDLNA.


Please, understand that our team is constantly understaffed for such an ambitious project. We have to carefully select what to do next every time. Investing into an Android version will probably serve a very small percentage of user, will bring more support trouble and, most importantly, will cost about a year of a developer time. We can’t afford that right now. Though, we hope that in the future, when Tribler specification is complete on the desktop, we will be able to hire some external contractors to do alternative platforms, e.g. Android.