Adding new databases magnet links


Recently, authorities have blocked one of the big torrent-trackers ([URL REMOVED]). Administration of this site has published a large base of magnet links with descriptions of all distributions. [Magnet link removed]. Is it possible to add the base in tribler, if possible, how? When you add each item manually, it was found that more than 249 hands can not be created and there is no function of adding a plurality of magnet links at a time :frowning: (I do not speak English, translated through an interpreter, sorry for the mistakes)


We don’t condone piracy, so I’ve edited your original post to remove the magnet link and site url.

That said, if you want to feed a lot of torrents to a Tribler channel, the best way would be to convert the content into an rss feed and add that feed to the channel.

Otherwise if you or someone you know can program, a small script that uses the Tribler API could be created to automatically feed many torrents to a channel. Have a look at the do_add_torrent() method in Tribler/Tests/

If you don’t know how to do either, please create a well defined feature request on our github project page. But have in mind that it may take a while until it gets implemented.


How do you add new channels to Tribler? There’s not an option to do this… There’s only an option to create channels but I don’t want to do that. I want to add a channel which isn’t included in your channel list. If the answer is to convert the website to an rss feed and feed that content to a channel, then I wouldn’t know where to start - I need newbie laymen directions please :slight_smile: