7.5.0-rc3 is released!


Dear Tribler Community,

The third release candidate of Tribler 7.5 series is ready for testing. It fixes (yet another) annoying pending task crash and fixes some minor bugs.

Although this is an RC and we consider it pretty stable, it is still advised to backup your Tribler state directory before upgrading.

The binaries are available below or can be downloaded from the official release page at Github repository.
Windows (32-bit)
Linux (generic)
Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)

Regards, and thanks for testing!



RC3 is now stable for nearly 12 hours! Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Anonymous downloading works at 1+ MByte/second. Anonymous seeding also seems OK, but not seen any end-to-end encrypted download.


This RC is stable in the sense that it didn’t crash so far.

However, is it just a coincidence, or are downloads never starting? I have it running for a while now, and a download that was downloading smoothly before with RC2 has now stalled. Newly added downloads don’t seem to start at all, even though there are enough sources visible.


I just checked whether downloads are working or not. For me, torrents seem to download, both in anonymous mode and plain download mode.

Do you experience this issue with anonymous downloads or non-anonymous downloads (or both)?


I only encounter this with anonymous downloads, regular downloads work just fine.


In that case, it could be that the exit nodes were under high congestion, and that you did not get a slot there. This could happen in particular if your token balance is extremely low.

I would expect that these exit nodes are not under congestion during daytime and at these times, you will be able to get a slot and download from them (e.g., now).


It could be that the exit nodes were under high congestion of course. Then again, I haven’t seen any activity for the last 5 hours, and my token balance isn’t that low.

Just out of curiosity, is exit node bandwidth only time divisioned? I was wondering for a while why fast up- and downloads were sometimes cut off so abruptly when using one or more hops.


When you start to download anonymously, in order to download any data you need at least one slot at the exit nodes. However, when you get a slot and the exit nodes are under congestion, the slots assigned to people will (pre-emptively) be assigned to users with higher token balances. This might explain why the download speeds might vary (since circuits get immediately destroyed when your slot goes to someone else). Exit nodes have a default number of slots. Note that there are many more technicalities here which might influence the quality of your anonymous downloads.

Do you see any circuits being made? You can verify that in the debug panel.


Every now and then, I see some activity in the list under the tab Tunnels -> Circuits.


Do you experience this for every torrent that you download? It could be a problem with the tracker lookup, which is not always reliable when routing traffic through exit nodes.


I’ve just tried adding a few more downloads. Some of them start downloading as expected, while others remain at zero. For all of the downloads (so also for the problematic ones) 1000+ peers and 100+ seeders are available.


Hmm that’s weird. Could you send me a torrent that fails to download in a private message?