7.5.0-exp3 is released!


Dear Tribler Community,

The third experimental release of Tribler 7.5 series is ready for testing. It features many bug fixes and performance improvements over 7.5.0-exp2
The major change in this release is a complete refactoring of Video Streaming component that from now on is based on AIOHTTP. So, streaming finally works again!

So far, major features introduced in 7.5 series:

  • Asyncio-based reactor (improves performance, stability and response times of the Core)
  • Nested Channels Core and GUI support. Users can now create and maintain an unlimited number of personal channels with arbitrary sub-tree of “folders” for organizing personal content.
  • Home Screen is removed in favour of Discovered screen
  • Startup time is greatly improved, along with Channels performance.
  • Video streaming works again.
  • DHT requests go through Tunnels by default to improve anonymity.

Known issues:

  • in a nested channel, a folder’s state will be wrongly indicated as “Preview”, even though the contents are shown in full;
  • seeking a video stream does not always work.

As usual, it is advised to backup your Tribler state directory before checking it out.

The binaries are available below or can be downloaded from the official release page at Github repository.
Windows (32-bit)
Linux (generic)
Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)



Ubuntu 19.10, when trying to download smthing… from file or from discovered listcisf-tribler-Jsv6WQ7E.log (623.3 KB)

An error occurred during the request:

‘DownloadConfig’ object has no attribute ‘set_selected_file_indexes’


Thanks for reporting!
This bug was already fixed, but then crawled in again during merging of the video streaming refactoring (which started before the fix). Thanks to your report, we fixed it the same day. It will be available at the next release.