7,4,3 won't start

I installed 7,4.3 yesterday. I uninstalled 7.3.2 first.
7,4.3 won’t start.
i sent three crash reports.

Please help. I have not been able to use tribler for over a month,

Could you please put some comments into your crash reports, so we can identify you?

Also, you can create an issue on GitHub. That’s the fastest way to get the developers’ attention to a problem

I sent two more crash reports with my user name. (mlee)

@S.Pan-TUDelft please tell me again how to find the .tribler folder and I will post it here.

Thanks for your help.

I found the .tribler folder. It contains:

You can send us version_history.json file and 7.4.3 directory for inspection. To protect your identity, you can exclude *.pem files from it (these contain your private keys).

Also, I can’t see your report on 7.4.3 page. There are no reports with mlee in the comments field. As a last resort you can try to just make a screenshot of the reporter screen, or just copy-paste its textual contents here.