7.3.2 latest - not stable

Installed 7.3.2
Failed to load several times. Had to kill.
Restarted Win 7.1
7.3.2 loaded but all downloads are 0.0 UP and DOWN.
Waited several hours.
Tried to shutdown.
Failed to shutdown. Had to kill.

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I have notice this as well, the stability needs to be worked on more

I hope @S.Pan-TUDelft will respond to this thread. Should I revert to an earlier version than 7.3.2 ?

From the error log, I can see that for some reason the core process failed to start and Tribler crashed. It is difficult to guess the reason for it. Could you look into the logs and post it here if possible?
Logs are present in the following directory:


You can simply put the above path in the explorer to open the folder. There will be a logs folder if there are any logs recorded.

I restarted Win 7.1
Tribler started this time but downloads and uploads are speed 0.0
log was created: tribler-core-error, text document, size 0 KB

also: tribler-core-error.log.1 size 10,240 KB; see below

@S.Pan-TUDelft Have you had time to look at my error log?


@mlee Looking at the error logs, those logs should not affect on the normal functioning of Tribler. It is normal that sometime it takes time to create the anonymity circuit. However, if the whole log file is filled with such logs, then it is a more serious issue. Could you try moving (or deleting) the logs folder and running Tribler again. It should create a fresh logs. If there are error logs like these or others, please let us know.


I don’t see a log folder, just 2 log files.

I renamed the 2 tribler logs and started tribler
waiting to see if it starts

This is the entire .tribler folder
note the renamed log files:

crash log:

@mlee From the crash report log file, seems issue to be loading the UI file, will have to investigate more to find out the reason behind it.

Looking at the files in the state directory, I can see quite some old files/folders like pymdht, ltdht.state, lt.state, collected_torrents, collected_metadata etc. These files and folders should have been already upgraded (some deleted).

It might be better for you to start with a new state directory and replace the following files from your current state directory to keep the existing downloads, channels and the balance:

  • all .pem files, these are the key files
  • triblerd.conf
  • sqlite
  • dlcheckpoints
  • wallet
  • channels

Just incase, make sure to keep to backup if something goes wrong. We’re very close to a stable 7.4.0 (Python3) version so if you wait a little more, you could install the new stable version.

I have not had problems and I use a clean install of Windows on the machine I use for file serving