7,3,2 does not work

7.3.2 does not work for me.
I want to back up to a previous stable version.
Where can I find it?



@mlee We only implemented the version based state directory in 7.4.0 so it is not possible to rollback the state directory in the old version unfortunately. What you can do it start Tribler with a fresh state directory and replace a few important files and folders as explained in a comment in this post:

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I installed &.3 and it worked. I saw something abouot bitcoins and thougt, i don’t like that and i deleted it.
Dince that moment it does not work anymore. I rest the pc tot 25 of january and installed 7.4 .
The same fault. it stopped.

I see only two gears and what is wrong.! I hope someone cn help me