7.3.0 seems to have a bug


I updated to 7.3.0 last night. And in the morning, I checked https://iknowwhatyoudownload.com site to see if it’s working. And it shows many random files that I never downloaded.
This happened when I tried one of the beta versions before, so I had to go back to 7.2.
But even this stable version does the same thing.
This is critical because last time (when I used the beta version), there were many random xxx and even child pron videos were on the list, which I never download. So, it’s not really protecting me for now.
Please fix this issue ASAP. I can’t use tribler, until this is fixed.
I’m using the Windows version


No need to get scared!

This is an interesting website, but not accurate in the Tribler case. Please see: https://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/en/api/ “We cooperate with Right Holders, Law Offices, Internet Service Providers, Advertising Agencies and National Police. We provide information about sharing/downloading content via Bittorrent Network all over the world”. So interesting people…

How we collect data
Our system collects torrent files in two ways: parsing torrent sites and listening DHT network.

This story is really funny, from a technical perspective. Tribler really is a non-profit version of this service. Tribler includes a distributed popularity tracker mechanism that uses the DHT. We also have a privacy respecting part, which uses a Tor-like protocol. Because they are lazy and opportunistic, they use a completely bogus method of tracking people. It will get way more false positives then just Tribler.

I’ve called people “Borderline Incompetent” https://www.google.nl/search?q=“borderline+incompetent” for doing stuff like this in US court. Really! Not one of my smartest moments, I was still young then.


Thank you for your answer.

What I was trying to say is that this didn’t happen with 7.2.2. The website didn’t detect any downloading files, unless I put it on zero hoop mode. But now with 7.3.0, it’s getting many things from my ip address.
I’m going back to 7.2.2 for now. I will try your next release.

Thank you very much!


Wireshark BitTorrent packet analysis can confirm leak of real IP.


I confirm a big breach in security, Tribler 7.3.0 is not anonymous.