7.0 beta issues with minimal desktop env


Hi there,
I tried 7.0 beta cloning from the repo since I am using Arch Linux and there doesn’t seem to be an .xz package yet.

I started the app successfully and tried downloading a small file. When it was done, Tribler crashed with the following message:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “/home/stefano/git/tribler/TriblerGUI/tribler_window.py”, line 204, in on_torrent_finished

self.window().tray_icon.showMessage("Download finished", "Download of %s has finished." % torrent_info["name"])

AttributeError: ‘TriblerWindow’ object has no attribute ‘tray_icon’

I am using a WM in Linux without a tray app. Is this an issue? Sorry I can’t send the report from the crash windows, some environment information is sensitive.

What is worse, though, is that when I restarted Tribler, it looped on the following error message:

ERROR:root:No json object could be decoded from data:

Tribler hangs indefinitely and these messages keep coming out. The only remedy to this is to kill Tribler, delete the .Tribler directory and start fresh.

I can do more testing if you can provide further hints.




Update: this happens every time Tribler does not shut down cleanly. The application is unusable for me.