7.0.2 crushed with new torrent and magnet files


Hello !

some times torrent and magnet with cyrilic symbols are crush the program
i can’t use the program now i try uninstall, clean registry reinstall (7.1.0 too)
now i cant use Tribler - every time i start it i see this error and when i press “Close”
this window is popup again in 1 minute
Tribler does not working with such error (please look at picture)
(Windows 7 x64, i7-4770, GTX-970, RAM 32 GGb, SSD)
What i must remove to get Tribler working ?
Please help !


Have you deleted the .tribler files in this directory???

local disk cde (whatever) users//owner/appdata/roaming then re-installed tribler


@Mahadev we recently fixed this error and it will be available in the final 7.1.0 version. For now, I would recommend to download the latest version of Tribler directly from our infrastructure here: https://jenkins-ci.tribler.org/job/Build_Tribler_next/ (under latest successful artifacts).

Please let me know whether this resolves the issue for you!