Tribler v7.1.0-exp2 release


Hello everyone,

We just released Tribler 7.1.0-exp2 with various bug fixes and we need your help in testing this release. Please download your respective distribution from here:

Windows (32-bit)

In this experimental release, we focused on bug fixes related to performance and downloads. We hope you’ll have much better experience with this release. So, we would really like you to install the release and report us if something does not work well for you.

To report any problems, please create a new issue on GitHub or post it on the forum, either in this thread or in a separate thread. If you wish to contribute to Tribler by fixing bugs or adding features, please check out this page which provides basic pointers to get started.

The source code can be found on our Github repository but you can also download it directly here.



Couple of strange new symptoms, in addition to things already pointed out (other thread).
After leaving it alone for a while, I’m just seeding 3 torrents at this point… The 3 seeding torrents still show slight download speeds (few K per second). If that’s just informational stuff and expected, no problem.

However, I keep getting this over and over in the log:

WARNING 1526863331.46 community:1895 (DiscoveryCommunity) drop a 33 byte packet invalid ping identifier [pong] from <Candidate>
INFO 1526863331.95 community:296 (MarketCommunity) Requesting crawl of node ef5a57eb:1 with id 38124

I’m going through a VPN (PIA) if that’s relevant. Anyhoo, the main issue I’m noticing now is that Tribler is grabbing one of my CPU cores and constantly using it…the above is the only thing I’m noticing in the console.


For a program that focuses on anonymity, this version introduces a serious problem!

After installing Tribler v7.1.0-exp2, all the torrents in my list had their anonymity status automatically changed to using no hops, while they were previously using one or more hops.

Furthermore, all the torrents in my list, also the ones that were already done downloading, started to be downloaded again, hereby overwriting the files that were already downloaded.

I’m using the Windows(64-bit) version of Tribler on Windows 10 Home.


Yep. I can confirm both of these issues. Also, what’s up with the log window? I get that these are experimental releases, but it shouldn’t change the anonymity settings on existing torrents or invalidate them.


Thank you for trying out this experimental release and pointing out the issues. We appreciate it. We’re already working on the fixing these issues.