Tribler release 7.12.0 is out!

Dear Tribler Community,

Today we’re releasing the Tribler 7.12.0 version.

The main feature of this release is the auto-generation of torrent tags from torrent titles that work in the background. Also, the release contains numerous bug fixes. We’d like to ask you to upgrade and test the version. If you encounter any issues, please let us know. We hope you’ll enjoy the release.

The release contains a big number of bug fixes. The full list of bug fixes is available here.

The binaries are available below, or you can download them from the official release page at the GitHub repository:

Note: Some antivirus software falsely flags the Windows 32-bit version of Tribler. When investigating the issue, we found that the Python builder we use (PyInstaller) is being flagged even for a simple hello world program. So, your antivirus might flag Tribler as malware if you’re using the 32-bit version. Therefore, we suggest you use the 64-bit version if you can.

If you encounter any problems using this release, you can create an issue ticket on GitHub or post it here in this forum.

For developers willing to contribute to Tribler with bug fixes or new features, please check out the Tribler contributing page, which provides the basic guidelines.

And as always, you can find the Tribler source code on our Github repository or download it directly.

We hope you’ll enjoy using this version.

still not starting …

ps: the error window can also no longer be closed after sending log!

After this update, “Allow being an exit node” disappeared Where is it?

I have the same issue. I cannot be an exit node. If exit nodes are to exist, they should be ran by tribler seedboxes in lenient jurisdictions. It is well known that Russia legalized piracy, other countries have not gone that far, but eastern Europe often does not enforce these laws. Brazil is also a good jurisdiction.

Hi alson, can you try the new release v7.12.1-RC2? It should fix the startup issue or at least provide a clear message about the error.