Tribler on Tails?


Hey, what if Tribler was on Tails? As far as I understand it, Tribler uses Tor onion services if you’re not using traditional BitTorrent. If that’s true, there’s no exit relay necessary. As a result, you wouldn’t be giving any exit relay volunteers any legal trouble. So what would be the problem with doing this? Is it just the bandwidth that’s the problem? If it’s the bandwidth, it’s no wonder everyone uses a VPN. If Tor is to be used for our everyday web browsing and secure messaging, it’s gotta be suited for that type of activity. What do you guys think about this? Has this ever been proposed, and what is the push back?


As I’m aware Tribler is not using TOR network. It has it’s own TOR alike, but not the same. Notice that you can choose number of hops which can’t be done on TOR.

About exit nodes. They are necessary if somebody wants to download something that is not already on Tribler network. And since you never know what other members of the network are downloading being an exit node might put you at some risks.


Interesting, I didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me. :ok_hand: And I did notice that actually but that is also possible with Tor, it’s just tricky is all.

Yeah, I love that Tribler has it’s own Dark Web essentially. I also use OnionShare which is excellent but it’s not using BitTorrent.