Tribler on Synology DS214 Play?


Hey, it is possible Tribler as 3rd party app on Synology to install?


I’m not familiar with the packaging system the synology OS uses. A colleague here tells me it can run docker containers, so maybe you could dockerize Tribler. The current development branch has a growing REST API, so you could control it from elsewhere soon (including an android app that is in development ATM).


Install the docker package in DSM and search for tribler. You’ll find docker images for v6.5.2 and v7b. I’m currently using v6.5.2 without any issues on my disk station. Very cool.


@twilsonco very nice!


A more thorough explanation

Also, search this forum for “Tribler on Docker” to find pipo’s post regarding the Tribler Docker container

1. Install Docker on your Synology

  1. Log into DSM on your Synology
  2. Open the Package Center
  3. Search for and install “Docker”

2. Get the Tribler Docker container

  1. Open Docker
  2. In Registry, search for tribler
  3. Click on pipo2004/triblerdocker and then click Download. Select the latest build when asked

3. Setup the container

  1. In “Image”, click pipo2004/triblerdocker:latest and click “Launch”
  2. in the Create Container window, click Advanced Settings
  3. In the Volume tab, click Add Folder
  4. Browse to (or create) a folder in a shared volume on your Synology in which you want to save Tribler downloads and select it
  5. For Mount path, enter “/root/Downloads/TriblerDownloads” (this is the default download location in the copy of Tribler installed in the container, but it can be changed if you want)
  6. In the Port Settings tab, you’ll see that port 5901 is already added (for VNC access)
  7. Change the local port to something other than auto, otherwise you’ll have to use a new port every time you restart the container as it keeps grabbing a new local port. Use 33333 or something.
  8. Click OK to close Advanced Settings window
  9. Click Next (after renaming container if you want)
  10. Click Apply

4. Run the container and start the VNC server

  1. In “Container”, select your new container and click Action->Start if it’s not already running
  2. Click Details
  3. In the Details window, go to the Terminal tab and click Create
  4. Select the new Terminal instance from the list at the left
  5. Click inside the Terminal emulator
  6. type “sh” and press enter/return
  7. The VNC server is now running
  8. On your computer, open a VNC viewer (if you don’t have one, pick one from here or from somewhere else)
  9. Open a new connection to the VNC server now running in the Tribler Docker container. The address will be your synology IP address, and the port is whatever you picked for the local port (33333 above). The password will be ‘password’.


Change the VNC password (this is highly recommended if you plan on making your VNC server accessible over the internet, which I do not recommend!)
Enable the Tribler web interface, which will require you also setting a port for the docker container (similar to how we set the port 5901) for whatever port the web interface runs on (defaults to 8080)

Feel free to post here if you run into any problems. Be specific if you do.



@twilsonco thanks! I will consider adding this guide to our README!


Cool. On a sidetone, I read your handle as “davos50” at first because, obviously, if Davos (form Game of Thrones) were to use a torrent client, it would be Tribler, since he’s the onion knight (and Tribler uses the onion protocol and whatnot).


Thanks for the excellent explanation on Docker. Docker technology has many uses and can readily occupy any client environment. Docker has very apparent usage in Developer platform. But there is a debate going on between clients and Docker developers if Dockers are really useful against Virtual Machines.


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Firstly Install docker on Synology and then go through this docker tutorial videos then you will get the complete solution to the problem.