Tribler on Linux - Dependency is not satisfiable: python-libtorrent


Hmm, apt-cache search does not return anything named python-pil if I don’t have that PPA added. I don’t think it’s in the 12.04 repos, only PPAs.

That command tells me I also don’t have pip installed–should I?


Yes, install it if it’s not there.


The output of that was too large to stay all available on the terminal screen, but here’s where things started to go wrong: pastebin output

It sent all of it to a log, should I upload the contents of that somewhere?


It’s missing the python header: Python.h: No such file or directory , so you need to install libpython2.7-dev

(Sorry for the delay, I just came back from vacation)


Tried getting it with apt-get in the terminal; it can’t find that package. Not available for my distro version, maybe?

(Sorry for MY late reply–work has been absolutely insane lately, very little time at home.)


Could be you 12.04 is at python 2.6? If it is, I’m afraid we don’t support it anymore (It may still work)

Try installing libpython2.6-dev