Tribler on Docker


I tried to get Tribler running on OpenSuse but utterly failed because RedHat based distributions have some options disabled in openssl that are necessary to run Tribler. Running Tribler from Ubuntu in Virtualbox is a little over the top on a small laptop.

I therefore made a Dockerfile that allows one to run Tribler from any machine. If you have docker installed on your machine you can try it out as follows:

docker run -ti --name tribler2 -p 5901:5901 -v /$HOME/Tribler/Downloads:/root/Downloads -v /$HOME/Tribler/.Tribler:/root/.Tribler pipo2004/triblerdocker /bin/bash

When the file has finished downloading, you will be presented with a bash prompt. From there type
This will start a vnc server. Now you can go back to your normal bash command prompt by pressing CTRL+p+q

Then start your favorite vncviewer and point it to localhost:5901. You will see an Ubuntu desktop from where you can start tribler. The downloads and tribler directory structure will be found in your home folder in the Tribler directory.


I now also made a version that allows running Tribler in docker without having to use VNC.

If you have docker installed, just type:

docker run -ti --net=host
-v $HOME/Tribler/Downloads:/root/Downloads
-v $HOME/.Tribler:/root/.Tribler
–name “triblerx11”
pipo2004/triblerdockerx11 /usr/bin/tribler

Then, from the command line that appears, type tribler

When you quit Tribler, you can type exit at the command prompt. To restart the dockerfile, type:

docker start triblerx11

then type:

docker attach triblerx11


can you build one with the Tribler 6.6.0: Experimental release ? (if installed on system, i cant upgrade the os, do too librarys manually installed)


Sure I will. But for which version of Ubuntu does 6.6.0 work?


Ok, I built a Dockerfile for Tribler-6.6.0-exp. It runs fine on my pc. It’s building on Dockerhub now. Should be available on Dockerhub this evening.

When it becomes available, you can run it with the following command (all on one line):

docker run -ti --net=host --env=“DISPLAY” -v $HOME/Tribler/Downloads:/root/Downloads -v $HOME/.Tribler:/root/.Tribler --volume="$HOME/.Xauthority:/root/.Xauthority:rw" --name “tribler660x11” pipo2004/tribler660x11

After you quit Tribler, you can restart it with the following command:

docker restart tribler660x11


Building finished, and it works fine.


works great. Thanks !!!

actually works better then native, credid mining didn’t work for me, now it does. lol


Good to hear, glad to help.

What’s this credit mining? What can I do with that?


Here is a way to run tribler 7.0.0 beta with docker:

docker run -ti --net=host
-v $HOME/Tribler/Downloads:/root/Downloads
-v $HOME/.Tribler:/root/.Tribler
–name “tribler700beta”
pipo2004/tribler700beta /usr/bin/tribler

When you close the program, you can restart it by typing:

docker start tribler700beta


great stuff, thnx! We’re very grateful for contributions like these.

-v $HOME/.Tribler:/root/.Tribler \

Would you have time to create a step-by-step writeup of docker setup and usage on our Github wiki?
Similar to some existing (unmaintained…) docs :

That would be very helpful, johan.