Tribler killed by token system?


I used some old version of Tribler and thought this week: “Well, why not update it?”.
So, I got the dreaded token balance in this new version, started right away with - 5 GB. :frowning:

In this new version I started to download some popular movies, many seeders, but got 0 download on 3 hops, I changed to 2 hops, still nothing, 1 hop, slow download and negative balance started to grow, Thinking I would be blocked at 10 GB (Saw somewhere in a picture) I thought: “Gonna put my balance to 0 first." and downloaded all movies without hops.

Then I started only seeding, but all seemed to just be stuck at building chains or something. Saw there was a new update, so I now have the latest 7.2.1 installed. Seeding all the new movies with 3 hops now and my negative balance just gets bigger and bigger. Waiting for it to hit the -10 GB, then I’ll uninstall Tribler and install some other torrent downloader.

RIP Tribler. :frowning_face: