Tribler and Python 2


Hello. I’m trying Tribler again after several years. Congats to the developers, as it seems to have improved noticeably from the first time I tried it.

I noticed from the install process under Ubuntu that Tribler relies a lot on Python 2. With that branch of Python set to be discontinued in 2020, are there any plans to migrate it to Python 3?


as a python 3 developer i second this question and i also add the question, will there be any room for extentions or API’s using python for automating basic tasks, or will there be a developer mode available for the public to make/test modules to help the community improve tribler?


@NiMO @darthleecher If you have been following the release announcements recently, we have been releasing experimental versions of 7.4.0. This version is fully Python3 release. We’re close to a stable release now.
The source code is available at, and we welcome any contributions from the community. You can find the open issues here:


If I spot code that “caters” to python 2, does it mean that I can open an issue and/or a PR about it?


@Solomon1732 I have seen your Github contributions. Thank you for your efforts and best wishes for 2020.


Thank you. Right back at you