Tribler 7 beta release


Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce the first public beta release of Tribler 7. You can download it here:

Windows (64-bit)
Windows (32-bit)

Tribler 7 is one of our biggest releases: we designed and implemented a new and modern user interface, inspired by various well-known applications. This release also contains a developer-oriented RESTful API that can be used to control Tribler. Additionally, we fixed many bugs and have rewritten most of our components like the video player, the torrent health checker and the search result ranking algorithm.

This release also contains the MultiChain feature which we already tested in our 6.6 experimental release. Multichain is the blockchain inside Tribler to replace tit-for-tat. In order to deliver Tor-like privacy and Youtube-like streaming it is required that everybody contributes a bit of bandwidth. This blockchain ensures everybody contributes a few bytes. Each blockchain record is a digitally signed contribution to the network. In the future, this technology will be used to ensure that the best contributors also get the best service from their peers.

Before you start: please make sure to backup your Tribler state directory since it might become corrupt. To backup your Tribler installation, please copy the .Tribler folder to a safe location on your system (for instance the desktop). This folder is located at ~/.Tribler/ (Linux/OS X) or %APPDATA\.Tribler (Windows).

If you encounter any problems, please create a new issue on GitHub or post it on the forums, either in this thread or in a separate thread. If you wish to contribute to Tribler by fixing bugs, please check out this page which contains some basic pointers.

The source code can be found on our Github repository but you can also download it directly here.



My Ubuntu install required a bit of additional dependancies:

sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib python-tk python-cycler libjs-jquery-ui python-tz python-matplotlib-data python-dateutil ttf-bitstream-vera fonts-lyx tk8.6-blt2.5 blt

But it works now! Love the sharing ratio, after 11 years we’re slowly moving beyond tit-for-tat. The data in this picture coming straight from the Tribler blockchain. This never reveals what you do, just how social you are.


Hi team,

I think Tribler is a great idea and wanted to jump in and test the new v7 beta.

However, after installing and running it I got a message saying untested Windows version 10 detected etc.

I’m a bit surprised that a new version of Tribler, or any new windows application, wouldn’t be tested on windows 10 at this stage as its been around for a long time now?

The pop up also mentions issues with TLS, does this mean that the security of the connection is broken?

The downloads appeared to work in the main Tribler window, and I was getting decent download speed actually.

Keep up the good work!


@Kingslayers_lefthand thanks for testing! The console window will be hidden when we actually release Tribler 7. The first error (about Qt) is only related to the user interface - we are using an older version of Qt (our GUI framework) for compatibility reasons. This version is untested on Windows 10 but seems to work great.

The second error about the TLS client means that we do not support TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 and this is probably due to the fact that we compiled Qt with an older version of openSSL (note that TLS 1.0 is still considered secure). We should take a look at that, however, we are not performing HTTPS requests with Qt right now. We will in Tribler 7.1 however when we support remote access control. Your downloads should be using a secure connection.


(Tribler_6.6.0-exp1_x64) running without issues anything after that gives same error

Using windows 8 64-bit

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “TriblerGUI\”, line 128, in on_received_state
RuntimeError: Unhandled Error
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “lib\site-packages\twisted\internet\”, line 417, in fireEvent

File “lib\site-packages\twisted\internet\”, line 317, in addCallback

File “lib\site-packages\twisted\internet\”, line 306, in addCallbacks

File “lib\site-packages\twisted\internet\”, line 649, in _runCallbacks

— —
File “lib\site-packages\twisted\internet\”, line 430, in _continueFiring

File “TriblerGUI\”, line 60, in start_tribler

File “Tribler\dispersy\”, line 46, in helper

File “Tribler\dispersy\”, line 225, in blockingCallFromThread

File “Tribler\Core\”, line 558, in start

File “Tribler\Core\APIImplementation\”, line 112, in register

File “Tribler\Core\”, line 88, in init

exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character u’\xf6’ in position 17: ordinal not in range(128)

EDIT: completely forgot to mention tribler crashing and then gives above error (including Tribler 7 release candidate 1)


All the torrents I added in this beta show the status “waiting for metadata” indefinitely. Furthermore, when I close the the program and then restart it, all the newly added torrents are gone from the download list.


@LesVerres are you sure these torrents were correctly downloading in the alpha version or older versions of Tribler? It seems to me that the torrent has no peers to download from.


It seems to work more stable.

Only it stay working very slow by using 3 hops.


On that topic, should i create an issue for Tribler forgetting(not saving) torrents that are “fetching metadata”, on restart? Have experience it myself, but it’s not particularly common as those torrents usually won’t do much for you regardless without any peers. Though, i assume it can take some time to fetch data when using 3 hops, especially when it’s the first, and you need to build circuits.


In Tribler 6.5.2 it works fine (also using 2 hops), haven’t tried any alpha releases.


Have you been able to replicate the problem I’ve described to you above? The problem persists. Whenever I start downloading a file in tribler 6.5.2 that has a reasonable number of peers and seeds, this results in a decent download speed while using 2 hops. However, every time I make the upgrade to the beta, the number of peers and seeds falls back to zero while using 2 hops, no matter how long I leave the program running.


However, every time I make the upgrade to the beta, the number of peers and seeds falls back to zero while using 2 hops, no matter how long I leave the program running.

That is a strange problem… Performance is always a tricky one to debug.
@devos50 : are the proxies for 6.5.2 lightly loaded compared to the new Beta1 community (seems implausible)?

We’re releasing a Beta2 in the upcoming week. Hopefully you can help out and test if your problem remains and needs to be addressed. Reproducing your issue in our lab is always the hardest. Could you then try what happens with a well-known torrent like this one and share performance screenshots ?
thnx for helping out !

Tribler-7.2.1 is already here. Upgrade now!