Tribler 7.4.0-exp2 release is out today


Dear Tribler Community,

Today we just released the second experimental version for Tribler 7.4.0 with several bug fixes over the first experimental version. If there are no significant issues with this version, we are considering to stabilise 7.4.0 version, therefore we would like to ask you to try it out and let us know if you have any issues using it. We also added a versioning system for the state directory so your migration should be safer now onwards. We hope you’ll like it.

The binaries are available below or can be downloaded from the official release page at Github repository.
Windows (32-bit)

If you encounter any problems using this release, feel free to report back to us. We’ll appreciate that. You can either create an issue ticket in Github (link here) or simply post it here in this forum.

For developers willing to contribute to Tribler with bug fixes or new features please check out this page which provides the basic pointers to get started.

And as always, the source code can be found on our Github repository but you can also download it directly here.

We hope you’ll enjoy using this version.


I just encountered an error when trying to view the trustgraph:

Request error

An error occurred during the request:

'TrustGraph' object has no attribute 'node'

Furthermore, pressing the close button doesn’t seem to do anything, the error remains visible.


(Another one)

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "TriblerGUI\", line 114, in on_read_data
RuntimeError: Unhandled Error
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "lib\site-packages\twisted\python\", line 86, in callWithContext
  File "lib\site-packages\twisted\python\", line 122, in callWithContext
  File "lib\site-packages\twisted\python\", line 85, in callWithContext
  File "lib\site-packages\twisted\internet\", line 149, in _doReadOrWrite
--- <exception caught here> ---
  File "lib\site-packages\twisted\internet\", line 249, in doRead
  File "Tribler\Core\Socks5\", line 51, in datagramReceived
  File "Tribler\community\triblertunnel\", line 70, in on_socks5_udp_data
  File "Tribler\pyipv8\ipv8\messaging\anonymization\", line 279, in select_circuit
  File "Tribler\pyipv8\ipv8\messaging\anonymization\", line 274, in select_circuit
  File "Tribler\pyipv8\ipv8\messaging\anonymization\", line 268, in find_circuits
  File "Tribler\pyipv8\ipv8\messaging\anonymization\", line 268, in <listcomp>
builtins.RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration


@LesVerres Thank you for trying out the experimental version. The issue with the TrustGraph seems to be a library issue. I’ll push the fix soon, and hopefully create a new version this week.


Running on Ubuntu, It runs nicely., Trustgraph is doing something.
However, it fails to download 25MByte of bootstrap info or not able to display that content. Debug panel, Trustchain tab, key "total_blocks read the value of 3996. What does that mean?

And after waiting for some minutes! Yeah