Tribler 7.1 mining credits preview


Hey everyone. First of all great that TU Delft is creating Tribler. I am interested in the blockchain solution and wanted to test out mining credits. I downloaded the 7.1 preview and I notice I could not change the directory or select separate files to open up for mining. The issue with that is there were files inside that I might not want to download and if I press the mining icon it could potentially download all the files including possible harmful ones.

Features I would like to see:

  • Multi select to remove more download than 1 at the time. Same for downloading more then 1 file.
  • Mining credits custom folder location option so on a another disk drive for example.
  • Select what torrent to mine.

It is a bit crash sensitive on windows 10 64 bit. Further, its a cool program can’t wait to test next releases.


My understanding of the mining credits is that you earn them by hosting and seeding material. It is not some “bitcoin” mining system

From what i’ve worked out, if you have version 7, there is a graph you can look at that shows your sourcing and downloading with data figures.


This is true: our mining mechanism is not comparable to the mining of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Instead, you earn tokens by seeding content to others in our anonymous darknet. The token mining in Tribler aims to optimize the number of uploaded bytes to others by seeding a carefully selected sub-set of torrents, while preserving privacy.

We are currently working on a more fair payout mechanism, where the downloader has to (indirectly) pay the seeder and the relays for their work.


I mean the function is called mining credits. I know you have use data sharing to obtain tokens. My question was that there is a path that can be selected out of the program where the mining credits map can be saved. So I can select the other harddisk for that. That’s currently not in 7.1.

Can’t wait for next release to test out further.


Sounds great :slight_smile: can we have some more specifics about the process where user seed bandwidth (don’t know the exact term :confused: )is sold to obtain token for users and bitcoin for bots to buy VPNs/VSP ? Especially how it’s sold, from my newbie pov this process seems extremely fast and “granted” like when you buy/sell stock on NASDAQ or similar, the ability to buy and sell is granted and supplied by the market itself giving a counterpart for the operation, in our case who are our counterpart for the token system and bot/vpn system?
Thanks for any kind of explaining , I’m really interested in your project and I admire a lot your effort to create a new shared trusted network , I think it’s a great step to improve our state of the art internet situation. :smiley:


Thank you for your interest! Over the coming month, we will spend some time on writing more specifications about the whole cycle of spending, earning and trading bandwidth tokens. :+1: