Tribler 7.1.3 crash report


I used 7.1.1 with a manual patch (you provided) for several weeks/months with no problem. I upgraded to 7.1.3. It starts and runs for a few minutes then crashes. I restarted Win 8.1 but still get crashes. I removed 7.1.3 and went to 7.1.2 with same problem. I selected the box to send you about 10 crash reports. Hope you got them.

I removed 7.1.2 and reinstalled 7.1.3 and am currently retesting. Still up after 5 minutes. Thanks !


sandip: Tribler 7.1.3 ran for a while and crashed again. Sent crash report to you.


@mlee Thank you for the error reports. I’ll look into it and get back to you.


@mlee We just released Tribler 7.1.4 with some critical fixes. Could you try if it works for you?


@sandip: installed 7.1.4 and it crashed 3 times. sent 3 reports to you


@mlee Thank you for the reports, very helpful. From the reports and tests, we find that the seems the issue is prominent on the Windows platform. We have created a fix for it already so we’ll do a patched version release today. Stay tuned.


7.1.3 crashed tons of times, sent you heaps. Sometimes downloads reset to 0% and run down token balance again, again …
If I install new will I lose all downloading progress again?


@2481 We have Tribler 7.1.5 now. I would suggest you to install the latest version. It should not affect your downloads as long as Tribler states stored in .Tribler directory is not deleted. You can find .Tribler directory by simply typing %APPDATA% in the explorer in Windows, and for MacOS and Linux, it is located inside user home directory.

Let us know if you have issues upgrading.


thank you. I will do that.
perhaps I should wait for part finished downloads to complete.
I think I read others having same issues with upgrade?
Apologies if I’m mistaken.
Unfortunately I must STOP files that were 100%finished and seeding before crash- because they return to 0% after crash then commence reloading. Makes hard to share etc.
thanks again