Tribler 6.5 Released!


Tribler 6.5 got released on Friday afternoon. It’s already available for download at our github release page and the main website will be updated to point to the new release shortly.

We want to thank all the users that helped us find bugs and quirks and who gave us invaluable feedback.

It’s been a while since the last Tribler release so the full list of changes is too big to be posted here (There’s been roughly 1500 commits since 6.4.3).

What follows is a list of the most important changes, but you can access the full list of issues that got closed on that release (including bugs and features) here.

Packages and installers are available at the usual location

Major changes:

  • Support for recent versions of Windows
  • Support for recent versions of OSX
  • Support for non ASCII user names on Windows (OSX and Linux where already supported)
  • More miscellaneous fixes for unicode named torrents, files and paths.
  • Fixes for the builtin player initialization when leftover files from old versions of VLC where left on Windows.
  • Improved tunnel community usability (for people that just don’t read popup windows and blindly click on “accept”) Not the exit node feature can only be toggled from the settings panel, so people don’t get in trouble as easily.
  • Some performance improvements and bug fixes on the anontunnel community, tunneled downloads should be more stable now.
  • Tunneled downloads will use both end to end encrypted and exit node terminated circuits when downloading concurrently instead of trying a pure end to end encrypted download and then falling back to tunneled download after a couple of minutes.
  • There’s a “safe seeding” mode now which will seed your downloaded torrents through the tunnel community only. This can be enabled even for plain downloads.
  • The automatically added tunneled download test torrent has been disabled.
  • Collected torrents are now stored in a levelDB database, which should help a lot with disk usage, IO performance and filesystem fragmentation.
  • Fixed several download state switching issues.
  • Download bandwidth settings are now applied to all download modes (tunneled, and plain) but accounted for separately.
  • Bundled libtorrent and libvlc got upgraded (Windows and OSX, on Linux it uses the system’s version).
  • Fixed adding torrent urls via the search bar.
  • All releases are cryptographically signed now.
  • Bittorrent opportunistic encryption for plain downloads is enabled now.
  • A bunch of minor usability improvements and fixes.

Thanks again to all the testers and enjoy!

Note: This release still depends on wxWidgets 2.8, so if you are running Debian without the experimental repositories or a reasonably recent version of Ubuntu, you will need to install wx 2.8 from alternative sources. This is the last version wihich depends on wx 2.8. The next Tribler release main focus is migrating to wx 3 so it can be included again into Debian and derivatives. The development branch already is running on wx 3, but we still have a bunch of quirks to iron out before we can release it.

Collected torrent files

If you find bugs in this version, please share them with us.

We’ll try to be responsive with fixing issues. The key problem is always getting things reproduced on our side, then fixing is usually relatively easy.

Now we’re all have a few beers and will focus on getting our next fancy stuff ready for usage.
Big upcoming thing is “cybercurrency for cooperation”, dubbed Multichain. It should ensure people seed solidly and help with relaying, in return for priority. It’s working at small scale in our lab, soon in the wild!


Thx for next release!

Seems that it’s not working using a VPN connection. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?
Version 6.4.3 worked fine…

Removed all files and reinstalled 6.50, works fine now!


Glad to read that!, enjoy! :smiley: