Translation progress


I would like to know if there are plans to add support for other languages at some future update (sorry my bad English)


Multiple languages have not the highest priority.

Most people can read and understand English.

Good stable operation of Tribler on all platforms have I suppose the greatest attention.

Volunteers for translation can always join the team.


“Multiple languages have not the highest priority.” I totally agree, but I think it should have at least 3 options to choose, I can ensure that this will make it very popular and widely used worldwide


The problem is volunteers.

I have translate some movies from english pronouncements to Dutch subtitles that’s a lot of work.

The most popular languages are. French, German, Spanish and Italian
For the translation, volunteers are required.

If people have time and abilities, help the team.

To the Tribler Team Make a complete list of words and texts to be translated.