Torrent creation - help topic


Hi there, i was searching some topic where that problem is discuses but except small 2 topic (one without reply) i want create new one that will gather people around same problem - how create torrent that will be visible and downloadable for others.

My problem is: created torrent is not downloadable for others!

  • I was using tribler and Deluge to create torrent
  • I was use tribler to seed torrent created by deluge
  • I added open trackers to torrent

I think it could be something with router BUT! i use deluge with private strict tracker and have no problems at all. I wanted setup in tribler same ports as in deluge 54000-54001 and 54002-54003 but don’t see port settings (it is proxy setup in tribler? What type of proxy i should setup then? ) as in other clients (We are not talk about GUI port).

I was trying turn off NAT on my router completely but then internet stop working.

I really would like some kind guidelines how it make running once again (years ago when tribler had node layers graph and no token system , i had few torrents that works)


First of all, thank you for using Tribler!

If I understand your question correctly, you are unable to download a torrent, created with Tribler, using another program.

Theoretically, this should be possible, creating a torrent with Tribler, seeding it, and downloading it using another program. We do have libtorrent port settings in the configuration file, which you can find in your Tribler state directory (on Unix-based systems, found in ~/.Tribler, on Windows in %APPDATA%\.Tribler.