Tar.gz in console CentOS



Downloaded tar.gz
Unpacked it.

I want to be able to start in CLI mode as machine in question has no X
i have downloaded twisted.

App is written in python.
I did quick googling and did not find a way how to run it from folder that was unpacked.

when run

ERROR:root:Fault Handler module not found.
ERROR 1539946990.74 run_tribler:118 (root) No module named PyQt5.QtCore

it expects QT which is not installed.(headless machine)

Anyone, any suggestions?


@lohotron There are several dependencies of Tribler including Qt and PyQt5. Please refer to this documentation for installation https://tribler.readthedocs.io/en/next/development/development_on_linux.html .


Is this absolute requirement?

I understood some people run it from console in headless machine?

How did they do it?


@lohotron Tribler GUI relies on Qt and its python bindings so they are absolutely needed for the GUI to run at this moment. However, if you wish to run only Tribler Core (headless) it is possible to run without these dependencies. Unfortunately, the documentation is lacking. If you’re familiar with Python, then I’d suggest you to look at the source code and particularly this file run_tribler.py.

We’ll try to improve the documentation and write a blog post when you are less busy.