Servers in Tribler?


Hello, I’m writing a thesis about peer-to-peer and streaming and I would like to have some information about the use of central servers in tribler: is it like BitTorrent which uses servers for tracking torrents or is Tribler a pure P2P program?
Thankyou in advance, Riccardo.



First of all, Tribler is basically a wrapper around libtorrent which means that we’re using trackers and/or the DHT for downloading torrents. On top of that, we provide anonymous TOR-like downloading. This mechanism is completely decentralized and peer discovery and downloading does not reply on centralized servers.

Hope this helps you! If you have any additional questions, please let us know and we’re more than happy to answer them.


Thankyou for your answer, I started reading some papers in order to improve my knowledge of the program. If I’ll have more questions I will ask!


Great! I would also like to point you to my master thesis (specifically about Tribler): It contains much info about the architecture of Tribler which might be helpful for you :slight_smile:


Brilliant! I appreciate it so much! I will sure read it