Reinstalling os, need to save data for incomplete download


I have the last Tribler 6.5 version and due to an unrelated problem I need to do an immediate reinstallation of my windows os. However I am currently downloading a fairly large torrent file with only 2 seeders. As I am only a little more than halfway I really don’t want to start all over again after reinstalling everything. How can I save this so that I can just continue from where I left off?

Many thanks


Warning; I’ve only just started to use Tribler, but i’ll have a stab at a (ver latey) answer.
I suggest saying all the Tribler directories somewhere (USB stick, CD, etc) then copying the relevant parts into/over the new directories.

what i am still getting to grips with is where tribler stores all these bits. for my bittorrent client i can specify each directory seperately, aka storage, torrent description file(*.torrent), and part torrents.

This makes it easier to fix and keep backups. YMMV.


Maybe this response is a bit late and not necessary anymore but for anyone who wants to copy their Tribler settings, please copy the Tribler state directory to a safe location. On Windows, this state directory can be found in %APPDATA%\roaming\.Tribler and on Linux, in your home directory (~/.Tribler). This directory contains all your downloads, settings and discovered channels. Afterwards, you can restore this directory.