Privacy and copyright


The users that are getting copyright notices through their ISP (who are merely middlemen passing on the notice), are they doing something wrong and have their settings wrong? I really don’t want to get a VPN. I’m already paying about $155 just for unlimited high speed internet. I just got the internet back after six months termination due to copyright trolls forcing Cox to shut me down.

I haven’t used Tribler yet.
I have a Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). When I downloaded the program and put it into my Applications folder, I double click on it and it doesn’t open. The icon is there but there’s nothing happening.
I’m not worried because I ordered another computer that will have updated Mac OS X. Does it not work for Snow Leopard?


You have options:

  1. use i2p;
  2. a) research FREE proxy servers (https or socks5),
    do research if appropriate;
    b) not all proxy server sites are legit;
    c) less than 5% of alleged proxy servers are online;
    d) use a good proxy check site to validate those servers
    e) check each proxy server, before using, if it is operating.
    f) not all proxy servers operate 100% of the time.
  3. Visit stack social or engadget sites for VPNs that have steep discounts or lifetime term use.
    Make sure these VPNs allow P2P.
    Windscribe is one, I paid 40 dollars for lifetime use ( have to renew every ten years to keep lifetime??), not bad but 2 caveats;
    1. in Canada
    2. claims no logging but keeps metadata use for a month.

Since Tribler, has an onion style system BUT; maybe using a proxy server MIGHT preserve your identity slightly more.



You should be able to safely download content when using Tribler since we’re internally proxying traffic through other users. Note that Tribler is in continuous development and we’re not responsible for damage caused by any software bugs (however, our code has been tested very well and we’re also using Tribler internally.

Regarding the problem on your Mac, we don’t support Mac OS X 10.6 anymore. Please make sure you have at least MacOS 10.10.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.