New Tribler Alpha - 13th year of development


Hi All,

Quick link to latest Alpha release: Gigachannels Alpha.

The non-profit Tribler team has funding for another year of solid development and scientific research. Things are looking great, we even have 2 extra pairs of hand joining the team.

We are still a 100% engineering&science team, no social media people, no business developers, and no external communications. So please keep this in mind, we’re a bit slow to respond. For the past 13 years Tribler has been the main focus of our university research team on blockchain technology and trustworthy distributed systems. It looks like we can do this for another 13 years, with current healthy growth of our user base and solid scientific output.

After all these years we are slowly getting closer to becoming a real alternative to Youtube. It might not always feel that we moved beyond Bittorrent, but under the hood it really is much more then just tit-for-tat movement of bits. We will not give up until we run out of money, a judge shuts us down, or we achieve victory.

Our official goal is “attack-resilient micro-economy for media” is very much alive. Our scientific goal has become quite ambitious: solving online trust without leadership. The goal for the entire Tribler ecosystem are still simple, Youtube-ish trustworthy social media experience with:

  • fast with real privacy
  • spam resilient
  • completely “lawyer-proof”
  • void of self-censorship

Privacy costs a lot of bandwidth, encryption expertise and requires trust. We want to have real money floating around in Tribler asap. Nobody should have a VPN that spies on you. Our privacy is based on Tor onion routing protocols, which we enhanced for full decentralisation. Our latest trick is replacing the vulnerable “exit nodes” with robots. A total of 26 of our engineering students within our university “Blockchain Master” program have added artificial intelligence to the Tribler ecosystem. We have the first token economy with swarms of robots that self-replicate and have reinforcement learning capability. We call it “Darwinian reinforcement learning”. Still a work in progress, which sometimes even works. The nerdy details can be seen here:

We have another Alpha build of Gigachannels:
Github discussion of bugs and problems with this Alpha:
Also still early stages, early next year this should become the new Tribler V7.3 release. The search feature should now be twice as fast as something like Youtube. The team worked very hard on low-level GUI implementation tweaked for raw speed and responsiveness. It is specifically designed to scale to the million/billion items found on social media sites like Youtube.


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