MultipleSourcesLoad (Feature Request)


In a decentralized use (DHT search), an identical file (size, content) may be in different torrents. Therefore, the function of loading from several incomplete sources is necessary

Sousce0(hash0): dir1/ dir11/ file111,file112; dir12/ file121,file122(hash1,hash2,…,hash*)

Source85% [01111111111111101110] 32KB/pcs Offset1 dir0/file4 HashPublic
Source55% [00110101110100011110] 128KB/pcs Offset2 dir1/file3 HashPrivate
Source15% [11000101000010010000] 512KB/pcs Offset0 file2 HashPublic
Source10% [10000000000000000001] 2048KB/pcs Offset2 dir2/file1 HashPublic
Source5% [00000000000001000000] 32768KB/pcs Offset0 file0 HashPrivate

Result100% [11111111111111111111] All KB/pcs Offset0 file HashAll