Missing file during initial start up


Downloaded and installed ver 6.5.2 yesterday with this error. Ignored it. The channels gradually loaded and selected a channel. Found files to down load. Everything seemed to work. Tried to shutdown, forced the close.
Today after opening channels showed 1223 with downloads showing 3
selecting all did not produce a list of the channels. The channel(s) containing downloads do not appear in the list.
selecting downloads did not produce a list of downloads
itraffic does show activity. This is the only internet process running. App upload speed does show less than 50k use but more often it is zero. Even when zero, itraffic shows use.

Checking forum on similar issues: uninstalled ver 6.5.2, deleted all tribler files, removed tribler entries in register.

Reinstalled 6.5.2 and receive message frame “Errors occured” with message
See the logfile ‘C:\Users\Bls19\AppData\Roaming\Tribler.exe.log’ for details.

File content start-------------------------------
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Tribler\Main\vwxGUI\settingsDialog.pyo”, line 318, in saveAll
File “Tribler\Main\vwxGUI_init_.pyo”, line 128, in invoke_func

File “Tribler\Main\vwxGUI\MainFrame.pyo”, line 648, in Restart
pywintypes.error: (2, ‘FindExecutable’, ‘The system cannot find the file specified.’)
File content end--------------------

Can I get some assistance on how to correct this?


Dear user, thank you for reporting. We’re very close to releasing Tribler 7 so Tribler 6.5.2 is not supported anymore. We recommend you to try Tribler 7.0.0-rc4 and let us know if you face any issues using it.


On installing 7.0.0-rc4 2 windows appeared. The first is a command type window (console) which is scrolling errors and warnings (info.log). The other seems to be the new user interface. Checking the discovered channels, it identifies 2777 items. Going to any channel provides a list of items. All the items show “unknown health”… The Detail shows a Health of no peers found. Did not see a way to attach either the error or info log files. Hopefully, this will help.


@bluerunner Thank you for testing out Tribler 7.0.0-rc4. Two windows appearing at startup is expected. The command window shows what is going on inside Tribler. It’ll be removed in Tribler 7.0 final release.

Regarding the health showing no peers found, it could be a bug if all the torrents show the same thing. We’ll check that out. Thank your reporting.