Minimalist Tribler?


So, I am working on a non-linux *nix system. Most of the applications I run are being ran remotely on other boards using the same system. The remote boards are of an embedded nature.

Tribler comes with tons of extra functionality. Plenty of tools beyond the basic networking and searching needs of myself.

Is there a config or wiki somewhere that allows me to run Tribler with lean dependencies and still retain all of the networking, searching, and magnet link basic abilities? A CLI would be great. But if it is not already implemented, a cut down and lean execution of the already existing interface would be pretty great too.

Anyone done this or know how? Basically trimming it down to a GTK-Transmission like interface. No images or extra tools.


There are some possibilities to run a less involved Tribler client. First, you can turn off some options in the config file (found in ~/.Tribler). Next, you can run a headless version of Tribler by running twistd -n tribler from your command line (you should be in the Tribler source code directory for this to work). You can use our RESTful API to control this client (see

Hope this helps you!


Actually, that is a really good answer. It makes me feel a little silly, since I am the kinda person that thinks people should RTFM.

But I am really glad you pointed this option out to me. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Especially with such exacting consideration for what I was asking.


Glad I could help! It’s not really documented actually (running Tribler headless) and we should provide a --headless option to our script in the future for convenience.