Is there DHT available for IPv8?

This maybe a bit off topic, but I have a question to IPv8 and believe that I’ll find an answers here.

I am writing an Android app where the user can scoop liquid coins (minting coins), which we use later in a trustchain for payments. The liquid coins are scooped on a daily base which also makes it a universal basic income.
As a next step we want to integrate a chat system, where we will have a look at peerchat.
As far as I have seen, is that peerchat only sends messages when the receiver is online.
I think for our app it would be better to deliver a message on a DHT network and the user is pulling his messages when back online.

And now my questions:
Is pyipv8 able to work as a dht node?
Are there plans for kotlin-ipv8 to build a dht node (overlay)?
Or are there other possibilities to post messages offline?
In regards of trustchain. Is there a possibility to encrypt the database? I know the file is not accessible by the user, but this is only true for un-rooted devices.

Yes, we have running code DHT code inside IPv8. latest.ipv8.REST.dht_endpoint — IPv8 2.10.0 documentation

Note that doing a chat system, commenting or any social is very hard. For the past 20+ years we see people trying to do this federated or peer-to-peer. Still mostly unsolved.

See experience from a student who almost spend 1 year of his life on getting real-time P2P commenting going: Fast Dissemination for CommentCast in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks | TU Delft Repositories