Ipv8 and bittorrent protocol question


Hi. Is the bittorrent protocol defined within an overlay? Can ipv8 do other protocols or is it bittorrent only? Thanks.


this is the only BitTorrent I think so


Since posting I read the docs a little more carefully and it seems ipv8 provides networking and authentication in the overlays only. The protocol is defined in the app and not overlays right?


ipv8 serves as a middleware for creating overlay networks. We use it in Tribler to create an overlay network of TOR-like tunnels. Then we tunnel bittorrent through the tunnels. Any kind of traffic could be sent over the tunnels, but we only allow UDP-based bittorrent traffic through it.


Thanks iorchid. Any hope for those who have TCP apps that would like to take advantage of ipv8?


Well, IPv8 is UDP-based by design. However, you any TCP packet is still a valid UDP-packet, so you can wrap TCP packets manually into IPv8 packets. We used to do that, as an experiment, over Tribler tunnels system. It worked perfectly.