How about an album release on tribler


hoi Tribler,

I create original music, my first album is currently being duplicated to CD, it should be ready for sale mid january.
This musical project is done fully outside of the music industry,

Would you like to host my album using torrent through tribler, would you assist me in setting this up?
The intent of my music is to showcase not just the content of songs but also the possibilities that exist once off the beaten track as a recording and performing artist.

please get it touch if you feel we could discuss possibilities further.
you can reach me through contact info on the site:
Note; the music for this project is in Dutch, as is the site.

if you know Dutch, this song on bitcoin is kindof what I intend to do with my music: deliver it on stage.

happy new year!


Everybody a happy new year!

Leuk liedje over de bitcoin alleen had ik dit nooit verwacht op het Tribler form. Hoeveel nederlanders zullen hier komen?

English translation.

Nice song about the bitcoin alone i did not expect this on the Tribler form. How many Dutch people will come here?


I like the tribler initiative, for it is a privacy centric sharing platform. That’s why I am reaching out.
Also I’m Dutch, I’ve used it.

it order to get in touch with dev team, faq says:
Contact us via our forum or Github.

so here I am,


Hi @echtesprookjes!

Tribler developer here. First of all, thank you for using Tribler and considering sharing your content on our platform. If you wish to share your content with others on Tribler, you can create your own channel and add your content to that channel. It it automatically shared with others and after it, your content can be found using the search functionality. Hope this helps you out a bit.

The coming years, we aim to improve the way content is shared on Tribler.

Please let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:


my channel creation through 6.5.2 version client appears to work, though it’s not creating a .torrent file for me through gui.
if there’s a rtfm on how to create the .torrent manually, I’d try that.


Please try to use Tribler 7 for this. You can download it from the following page:

Let us know if there are any problems!


We released the last of our test versions today. This is a forum post in Dutch to give a broader picture of things.

Great that you are releasing your music through Tribler! We can hopefully enable token donations directly to your channel in the future, thereby bypassing all music-industry and financial-industry middleman in the process.

Greetings from Holland, johan.


thanks, I believe it should be online now as a .torrent through tribler