GUI versus security


I’m very much attracted to the idea behind tribler. As in decentralizing data. More affinity to privacy.
Give the the standard internet user its freedom back.

When I was young one would always lend comics, videos to one another.
Since everything now takes place on the internet so does these interactions.
Only… now its a crime. I sometimes am still taken aback at how people accept
these developments as normal.

Anyway the point being: security and privace, I’m your man. And obviously tribler
is a serious effort.

Regardless, as a standard internet user I find the GUI lacking in its design.

(To make an analogie:
the situation when the tech guy enthousiastically starts to explain whats wrong with
your computer and what it takes to fix it.

Customers eyes fase out, no idea what he’s talking about)

What I’m trying to say here is that the userinterface is a tad unfriendly.
Lot of rows and columns. Visually not very appealing.

I know, I know
Still, if it looks good people tend to pay more attention. Just saying.

Have someone look at it, surely it pays itself back is my conviction.