Gladly first a confirmation before shutdown


Too many times I’ve clicked on the red cross. The program will immediately close.

Gladly first a confirmation before shutdown.

Suggestion from lex.


I have the setting option to show confirmation in the tribler.conf file in the .Tribler folder in Appdata/Roaming. Open that in a text editor, and change the show_closeconfirmation to true (replace the word “false” with “true”). Save, and open Tribler, you’ll get a confirmation window. (Be sure to do this while Tribler is closed.) Currently on version “6.6.0- exp1” of Tribler, but i think it works for any version, since i’m fairly sure i used to see that confirmation window before at some point.


Current version 6.5.2 has that window to.


The current version that i use is 6.6.0.

Before i have installed version 6.5.2 the same.

Sins i use Tribler is this the same issue and not chanced “windows 8.1”


Hi Lex
I have 7.2.1 and often need to ‘force quit’.
Even when it does close I usually lose some data or complete files… which then start downloading again. I have to quickly So I stop that file unless I need it. Hard on tokens, I’ve given up trying there.
go through them all when starting up.
I need a way to “save files before shutting down” too. To perhaps prevent this. Unless you know another way for Macs?
all the best, 2481


@2481 Considering the issue with force shutdown, Tribler 7.3.0 -beta (1&2) should be more stable. I suggest you try it and let us know if you still have issues.

Regarding the confirmation on shutdown, I’ll create a ticket for it.