Few Humble Suggestions to Tribler Team

Love the concept & idea behind Tribler. Search feature is awesome :+1:

Since, Tribler subreddit is deserted which is eerie considering 2 million+ download counter mentioned on website.

I had to come here, cause GitHub is not allowing my issue (type:enhancement #6722).

Cool though, maybe this will help me get resolution to my issues faster.

I read Vadim's testament · Issue #6481 · Tribler/tribler · GitHub

• (1) Scrap channel system & work towards Tag System :-

In the usability & functionality, Tag System bypasses channel system. Also, Tag System comes with less technological & technical challenges than channel system. At the moment, tags aren’t searchable or do not fetch up all the results properly.

• (2) Introduce BitTorrent protocol v2 ASAP :-

I feel this should be done PROACTIVELY by Tribler team rather than Reactively. It should be 1st priority of Tribler team at the moment.

My suggestion leave everything else and implement this protocol ASAP.

I believe this should be far less challenging technically than other issues for eg, fixing token economy. Additionally, this protocol update serves Tribler core belief system.

• (3) Seeding Issue :-

Downloading is great in both anonymous & non-anonymous modes. Seeding however isn’t that effective. Anonymous mode seeding seldom finds peers/leechers which brings me to another problem associated with it & which I believe is the reason for seeding issue as well -

• (3.5) DHT calls blocked over tunnels :-

The problem is Tribler DHT requests are all sent through exit nodes, which may look like a single node to DHT peers, triggering spam control. The result is impaired torrent info fetching and unreliable health info.

This should be 2nd most important priority of Tribler team after aforementioned.

• (4) Better UI implementation :-

This doesn’t mean the light & dark theme issue raised in 6481.

But it means the tabs restructuring or default window size or other small customizations.

For example :- whenever one opens Tribler it resets the whole tab system, i.e., Names, size, download speeds, hops, ratio etc. All default to original state and not rests permanent as to what the user defined.

In other torrent clients, once you set this up, it remains so till you uninstall the application. But here in Tribler we’ve to do it time & time & time again.

What issue does this create?

I opened a torrent in Tribler & I wanted it to assign 3 hops instead of 1. But since Tribler tab structure restructured to its default state, I couldn’t see that in default window size. And yes I know I can right click it & change it. But why should I do that when I could just see it in the application window & tabs which I’ve personally set according to my needs.

This may look like cherry picking or useless at first but this small UI implementation will guarantee increase in user-base size of Tribler.

Concluding points :-

In all fairness, Tribler maybe the best app for torrenting out there but if there’s no mass adoption or even a acceptable adoption rate, then it is as good as dead or will keep on living forever as college project.

Some of the problems which tribler has, can be solved by acquiring a respectable share in the market.
That’s why I firmly believe Tribler team should listen to it’s “customers” more often than being into technical mode, trying to solve the unsolvable or wasting time on it, when it can accrue huge user-base.
This sentiment of mine is clearly established by the famous line from Arcane - “In The Pursuit Of Great, We Failed To Do Good”

At the moment, I can only think of these issues. As & when I get more familiar with Tribler & its functioning & read more about it I’ll update in new post in subreddit or here.

Lastly, all views expressed above are my Humble opinions, suggestions & requests, which shouldn’t be taken in any other form than to watch betterment of Tribler.