Few features I would appreciate

Hi, I really like Tribler. I appreaciate how often you release updates. Here are few ideas for features (I’m not sure if you track feature requests somewhere, if you do and these are just repeats then I’m sorry):

  • Option to rename torrents would be welcome, as some torrents have really unhelpful names like “Season 1”
  • Option to set a priority for individual files and subfolders, although I would understand if you think that might be a security concern in some way
  • Option to open explorer at an individual file (would come in really handy for torrents with complex folder structures)
  • Option to not track ratio (or uploads, or something to that effect) for a torrent. I’m not familiar with the technology, so I get that this might not even be possible, but it might be a nice last line of defense for the really paranoid users

Or perhaps even even neater idea related to the last point: how about if every torrent user has had its own private key, and at any point the key could be forgotten and new key could be generated, losing the ratio and tokens associated with the old key? I guess that would be less foolproof, but more realistic for implementation?