EVERYTHING leads to a negative balance


No matter what I do I can’t get my token balance to go down. I’ve left torrents up for months without a reduction of tokens. I’ve turned on data mining, that’s actually increased the negative balance. What do I need to fix to correct this?
I’m not downloading things and deleting the seeds, I leave everything up.
What switch do I need to flip? I’m being a good peer, but it’s not reflected in my stats. I was sitting at -419 and turned on data mining and went up to -432.
I downloaded a file at -432 and then seeded it with one hop. The negative token balance just keeps going up. I’m tired of having to turn off anonymity on my torrents.


@lan10base2 , we understand your frustration. First of all token mining (by actively downloading and seeding torrents) was ever an experimental feature. To this day, we’ve never seen it get the balance up. Perhaps we should have warned our users more explicitly about its implications.

At the moment, the most reliable way to earns tokens is to just leave Tribler running for a long time, so other users will use your machine as a relay. That is completely safe for you.
If you want to earn tokens rapidly, you could try becoming an exit node. Be wary, though, about potential legal consequences.

In the future we’re probably going to remove the token system in favor of some kind of “social score” system that will not suffer from negative balance problem.