"Cost" of setting up for Mining Credits


I really like this idea and am enthusiastic about contributing back to the network. I usually leave downloaded files available for seeding anyway so when I recently rediscovered Tribler I went straight to subscribing to a channel and then hit the mining button. OK. Easy. Now I see and have come to understand that that process has begun downloading the entire channel (or not?, don’t know), and my token balance is rapidly increasing negatively (or positively decreasing LOL). My observation is this: if someone is offering their hard drive and bandwidth as a contribution to the network, is it fair that they should be penalised for setting up the contribution. Or have I completely misunderstood what is going on?


Same Here I am not even Downloading And at Negative 20 MB Tribler 7.1


I got to -4gb and pulled the plug, at least until I can get some clarification. I’m also yet to download anything (that I want).


just got to minus 60 megs and stopped it.


Credit mining involves first downloading the content and then seeding so negative balance is normal at the beginning but it should not stay that way for long. We’re working on improving the mining algorithms so we would like you to stay patient.

Incase, your balance is too negative and want to restart from the beginning, you can reset the blockchain by removing trustchain (TU Delft blockchain) database located at <USER_HOME>/.Tribler/sqlite/trustchain.db and the key (.pem) files from <USER_HOME>/.Tribler/


Thanks for the reply. But I still don’t get why volunteers who offer their disk space and bandwidth as seeders should have to “pay” for doing so. My balance eventually hit -6gb for stuff I have no interest in and can’t access anyway, so I’ve opted out in the meantime. Would be happy to jump back in if this anomaly is fixed. Just my 0.02.


Sorry to hear about -6GB credits. It should not happen and does not happen to everybody. I can imagine it is annoying to see negative credits. We know and we’re working hard to fix this issue. Please stay patient.

In the meantime, we’ll be releasing a new version 7.1.1 today with some important bug fixes and improvements. We’d love to hear your feedback on that.