Copyright letter from my ISP


hi all,

got an email today from my ISP saying that my internet connection has been used for sharing copyright content and im just wondering what steps can i do to protect myself in future so my ISP doesnt know im using torrents




This happened to myself too. Bottom line - you are not safe (i.e. anonymous) with this version of Tribler. I don’t know why there isn’t more discussion on this subject since this is the primary reason (I believe) that most people use Tribler in the first place.


I thought about buying a vpn like torguard or nordvpn but still if you torrent copyright material still not safe as if DCMA find out they can ask vpn provider to send you letter

BUT it will be hard for them to find out as all the vpn providers say we do not log any traffic


This sort of answers the question of whether I still need a VPN - apparently I do. It does NOT, however, answer the question of whether doing so will slow or disrupt Tribler’s core functionality.

I just downloaded the latest version, but I have concerns, despite the compelling value proposition, whether it’s still ready for prime time. My VPN (torguard) has functioned flawlessly for a couple of years now.



A VPN will add some delay to your transfers, as each package will take longer to be transmitted and received. The delay should not be significant by, but will depend on the exit and source points and any network congestion it encounters. In that case swapping exit point may assist.