Cannot download contents of My Channel


I began to use Tribler this year, thank Tribler development team, has created a very promising product, its function is what I am trying to learn, hope to get your help.But I don’t know why the interest like a recent online for Tribler heat than in previous years, the related article is better than less, I think, or to try to let more people to use, good things to use to know, but still need more improvement in terms of product first, make the user experience is better. Now I have a question want to ask: I set up a My Channel, and with a video file on My computer to set up a Torrent, and in the downloads area shows that the file download is complete, its status is seeding.But in My another computer I use My Channel ID: b1b0752cea53ff4ddf7e4ff9a16b178db36317be, set up a Subscription, found the torrent the file, but when I download, has been shown in the status of “waiting for metadata”.I use Tribler is 7.02.