Can i seed from different torrent client?



i like the Tribler, but it is almost 2 years and features i proposed was not created so i stopped my unsuccessful attempt to use it as my primary torrent client. But i would like to share my torrent collection in Tribler channel and seed them from within other torrent client. (i may keep Tribler running, but i will not add my hundreds of torrents into it as it lacks proposed important features that simplify managing added torrents).

Part of my torrents has private trackers with my PID in it. I can use to bulk remove/add trackers from these files and create new torrents (with different hashes maybe because converting private torrents to non private, which can make things difficult as i would need to seed many torrents twice).

Question: Is there any quick way / possibility to seed the torrents in other torrent client and other people can find these torrents in the Tribler, channels and download them from me without having these torrents added in seeding state in Tribler?